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from Potter Ruiz

Effective marketing demands that we understand how Hispanics think when it comes to shopping. Contrary to what some marketers believe, Latinos have a very different purchasing pattern from general market. Hispanic shoppers love mobile research but prefer to purchase in store.

With Hispanic buying power slated to tip 1.5 trillion in 2015 — and coupled with significant population growth — they represent an opportunity for brands to boost market share. That’s why it’s so important to understand their motivations and habits at a deeper level.

To better understand their path to purchase we need to look at where the search begins.

Hispanic shoppers are increasingly using digital technologies for all retail and grocery purchasing planning.

They are heavy smart phone users — with 75% of Latinos accessing the web via phone compared with 60% of Whites.* (*e-marketer)

According to a recent Neilson Research study Hispanics own smart phones more than any other group, they have more apps, shop more and watch more video.

They use their mobile devices, both smart phones and tablets, for their search efforts far more than desktops. Since they use their mobile devices as their primary access point to search the web, communicating with Hispanics should be built around mobile tools, not PC-based behaviors.

This shopping pattern affords many opportunities to reach them.

Latinos are a highly communicative and connected audience. Whether it’s their advanced use of online and mobile channels or basic everyday conversations between family members and friends, they actively seek out advice and recommendations to inform purchasing decisions.

Facebook is the fourth most popular website among Hispanics, reaching nearly 45% of the entire online demographic. Brands are finding social media a necessary way reach customers quickly with offers and coupons like QR codes through customer’s favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Across all retail channels Hispanics tend to shop less than the general market, but they frequently spend more per trip. And despite being deal seekers they’re not always compelled by promotional pricing.

But as was mentioned earlier, Hispanic shoppers love mobile research but prefer to purchase in store where they can touch and feel a product. Once in store they spend more and want to experience the product directly. And they view shopping as a participatory event.

This is a highly social group with more than half stating that they enjoy shopping with friends and family vs. only 38% of the general market. Therefore fully invested brands know this and will provide the information a customer needs on their website to further a purchasing decision; will make the offer more compelling by delivering offers and couponing via mobile that the customer can take to retail. And finally when the customer is ready to purchase in store they will encounter a positive retail experience.